CI Studio #12: Introducing BBC MakerBox

20 April 2021 (Eventbrite link)

BBC MakerBox is a place for creators to connect, learn and try out cutting edge tools for developing digital content.

Connected Studio MakerBox is something new from the BBC, a place for you to join an online community of like-minded creators and experiment with the latest cutting edge technologies, including tools for creating interactive narratives and responsive storytelling, new ways of using voice and AI, and much more.

Experiences built with MakerBox tools include BBC Click 1000InstagramificationDiscover Your Daemon, and immersive audio horror story Monster, all of which are available at BBC Taster, the home of new ideas at the BBC which hosts experimental pilots and ideas that audiences can try, rate and share.

In this interactive CI Studio led by the MakerBox team, we explored two BBC R&D built tools, StoryFormer and Audio Orchestrator, as well as doing a couple of creative exercises to get participants thinking how to use these tools.

StoryFormer is a tool for creating flexible, responsive stories. Using StoryFormer, the flow of a story and the media used to tell it can change dynamically, responding to the viewer’s input, their preferences, or their context. This can happen either before the story starts, or while it’s underway. The same story can be told differently to every viewer. Different parts of a story can be explored at will, expanded in depth, or avoided entirely.

Audio Orchestrator allows you to take your audio projects and rework them into interactive, 360°, spatial audio that envelops your listeners in sound – from above, from behind, sending sound to one, many or all connected devices to tell your story in a new and unique way. The tool’s unique creation process ensures that the experience can adapt to fit any number and many different types of devices – even if this changes during listening.