CI Studio #11: Exploring Livestreaming Economies

30 Mar 2021 (Eventbrite link)

This event explored how platforms such as Twitch & YouTube are offering new models for engaging audiences & monetising online performances.

Aimed at people exploring new ways to host, engage and transact with online audiences. Do you want to know more about the business models and monetisation of livestreaming on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube? Chris Elsden explored the weird and wonderful ways to pay and be paid through livestreaming. This informal and playful session, examined how livestreaming platforms provide ‘free’ content, without tickets, but nonetheless cultivate a loyal and paying community.

From new currencies and tip jars, to subscriptions and gifts, the studio introduced various examples of emerging transactions and payments on leading livestreaming platform, Twitch. Taking these as a template, we then worked with participants to imagine how these online practices could translate to new ways to pay and engage with traditional creative work, especially in the performing arts.

This CI Studio is part of Creative Informatics research project ‘What is a Ticket?’.

Dr. Chris Elsden is a design researcher, with a background in sociology, and expertise in the human experience of a data-driven life. Using and developing innovative design research methods, his work undertakes diverse, qualitative and often speculative engagements with individuals and organisations to investigate emerging relationships with technology – particularly data-driven tools, distributed ledgers and financial technologies.

Through the Creative Informatics programme, Chris’ own research explores ‘Creative Transactions’: how new financial technologies will mediate creative practice, business models and relationships with audiences.

Dr. Evan Morgan is a Research Software Engineer in Design Informatics, supporting the technical implementation of research prototypes, systems, and data science across the Institute. He has a background in media and arts technology, with a particular interest in technologies that are designed to interpret and influence human behaviour.