CI Studio #10: Knowing your users – understanding your customers and market

16 March 2021 (Eventbrite link)

Are you developing a new creative product or service? How much research have you carried out on your potential customer base and target markets?

For CI Studio 10, we were joined by market research specialists who shared their experiences of conducting user research, with some tips and tricks that can be adapted for start-ups, sole traders and small businesses in the creative industries.

Collecting reliable data about your market or audience is vital to the development of any business concept, and can help you build a case to attract funding and investment. This informal session will focused on practical approaches to market research. We covered different methods for getting to know the intended users of your new creative product or service.

Our speakers:

Oli Mival is a highly experienced UX professional bridging the gap between academic theory and research to industry practice and implementation. Oli is Director of User Research at Skyscanner and is a Principal Research Fellow at Edinburgh Napier University.

Catherine Richards is Head of Customer Design at Tesco Bank. Catherine is an experienced design leader and has worked for some of the UK’s leading banks where she’s led on embedding and deepening a culture of customer-centricity through Design. She’s currently at Tesco Bank and her work includes redefining the customer strategy and how propositions are developed so that they focus on the needs of Tesco Shoppers.

Bas Raijmakers is co-founder of design research agency STBY, with offices in London and Amsterdam, STBY carry out creative research projects to connect organisations with the lives and experiences of their customers.

Aleks Wruk is a UX researcher, facilitator and speaker. She has worked for some of Scotland’s top tech companies, building bridges between product teams and their users. Aleks is focused on promoting user centeredness and the culture of learning to help organisations design outstanding products and services.


Oli Mival’s presentation (pdf).

Article with further references. A quick reference guide for UX testing methods and their purpose. by Aleks Wruk on Medium

Book: The Mom Test: How to talk to customers & learn if your business is a good idea when everyone is lying to you, by Rob Fitzpatrick (mentioned by Aleks Wruk).